Utah Fish Report

The Little Truckee remains as consistent as ever

Little Truckee River

by Trout Creek Flies Staff

The Little Truckee remains as consistent as ever. Being a tailwater, the LT is less subject to changing water temperatures. There are still reports of strong Caddis hatches from time to time, including October Caddis. We are starting to see the consistent mid-day BWO hatches bringing fish to the surface for a brief window. Carry some small BWO dry fly imitations and look for rising fish from about 11:00am – 1:00pm.

Please be aware of spawning browns and kokanee.

Dry-droppers using an October Caddis imitation down to a small BWO or Midge nymph is still an effective pairing. As always, light tippet and good presentation will improve your odds. We would still advise carrying a variety of bugs for the time being, as the Caddis and PMD are still around. Egg and worm patterns will also be an effective option for those fishing under the indicator. Consider using a small white or clear indicator with a little bit of split-shot and look for deeper pockets or undercut banks where the fish will be holding.

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