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Green River Fishing Report

Green River

by Trout Creek Flies Staff

Green River Fishing Report
October 1, 2023
Flows: 950-2150 cfs
Temp: 53-56 F
Current hatches: midge, baetis (bwo), tricos, terrestrials (ants, hoppers, beetles)
Recommended Flies: (Nymphs)-wd 40/wd 50 grey and olive #18-22, zebra midge grey and chartreuse #16-22, flashback scuds grey and olive #18-24, soft hackle grey #22-24, barr’s emerger #22-24, san juan worm brown and red #12-16 (Dry Flies)- trico spinner #22-24, hi-vis olive #22-24, Pat’s midge #24, momba ant brown and black #14-16, parachute ant black and brown #14-18, morrish cricket #12-14, morrish hopper olive and tan #8-14, shroeders hopper olive and tan #8-14, hi-vis foam beetle #12-16 (Streamer)- articulated fathead tan/ginger, baby olive gonga.
A section- fishing has been decent to good depending on the day and the skill of the angler. Nymphing has been good in deep water and using small flies and san juan worms. Dry fly fishing has been best in the afternoons using terrestrials and a small trico. Long cast and drifts are essential for effective dry fly fishing. Streamer fishing is picking up as temperatures drop.
B section- fishing has been decent to good. Nymphing deep and fast water using san juan worms has been working. Dry fly fishing has been best on sunny warm days. There are some nice browns holding tight to the banks, so get that fly close. Streamer fishing has been good when conditions are right.
C section- fishing has been decent. Nymphing san juan worms in fast water has been ok. Dry fly fishing will be best on sunny days. Long cast are essential to catching fish. The dry flies will work tight to the bank as well as down the middle of the river. Try to get as long as drifts as possible. Streamer fishing has been picking up and will work best on cloudy days.
Brandon Feller

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