Utah Fish Report

Starvation is at 86 percent capacity and slowly rising

Starvation Reservoir

by Utah Division of Wildlife

Starvation is at 86% capacity and slowly rising. Ice is still about 20 inches thick in most places throughout the reservoir. The edges of the ice have been holding solid, with minimal slush pockets. Fishing for rainbow trout has been good. These fish are still primarily in the top 15 feet of the water column. Walleye and perch are still being caught, but that bite is still tough. Walleye will begin to stage outside of spawning areas and begin to become more congregated. Reminder, the panfish limit at Starvation is now ten fish in the aggregate. See the 2023 Utah Fishing Guidebook for details.

Overall, Starvation still has an overabundance of small walleye (12 to 15 inches). Currently, 48.5% of the species composition is made up of walleye. We will continue to encourage harvest of these smaller walleye, while trying to enhance forage and habitat in this fishery. We did see an increase in catch-per-unit effort for yellow perch in 2022 forage-sampling events and documented young-of-year black crappie in the system. Please visit the Starvation State Park website for the most up-to-date reservoir conditions.

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