Utah Fish Report

Ice is off all the lower reservoirs and lakes here now

Boulder Mountains

by Quiet Fly Fisher Guide Service & Fly Shop

COLD!!!! Today… someone even decided to off road to the lake shore so they could stay warm in their car… it caught Fire and burned Gary had to put it out using a backhoe!
Ice is all the way off Fishlake the fishing was good… this Splake was gorged on these little Kokanee…
Ice is off all the lower reservoirs and lakes here now.
Boulder mountain got a fresh snow again today and there is still more snow this year then last. Access is still limited! Don’t think you will be getting to the lakes on the donkey road or fishcreek roads for a bit. We need another warm week… we’ve had highs in the low 40s for a week.
Thousand lake
Still has two big drifts at Heart lake one blocking acces to Solomon basin the other towards elk horn and round,
People have broken through them kinda… they have also been stuck in them so use caution. This storm today came out of the east so the east end of boulder and thousand lake got 2-4 inches of snow and slush and are messy.

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