Utah Fish Report

Continue to fish the soft water, rifles and seams found along the banks

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Flies Staff

The flow charts for the river seem to continue along with a mostly upward trajectory, except for Thursday of this week, which brought the CFS at Farad down from 1,550 to 1,200. This will be short lived, and with the warm days ahead we should see flows continue to trend upwards in the immediate future. Continue to fish the soft water, rifles and seams found along the banks, using large attractor nymphs imitating stoneflies, crawdads, eggs and worms. Jigged streamers are also very much in play, try sinking them in front of a boulder along any cut banks or in a seam. Black is always good when the water is off color, but white and olive can work equally as good in pretty much all conditions. When using a jigged streamer on a tightline setup, this would be one of the few situations where we would consider pairing a smaller nymph such as a Perdigon, Blowtorch or Duracell, etc., as the larger profile of the streamer will grab their attention and you could very well catch a few on the smaller fly suspended above it. The larger trout found this time of year, the light angling pressure and the beautiful weather and scenery are a few of the reasons we really love fishing the Truckee right now. 

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